Our Story

Well, my story began like this - It was just another ordinary day in a café and I was attempting to study for a medical exam – and obviously I was bored. So, like any 21st century human being with technology. I checked my phone. I happened to stumble upon an Instagram DM dated months back from a handsome stranger named Alaa. Normally, I would have just hit the delete button, but he had sent a picture and I was curious to see it.

Curiosity was the first page of ‘Our Story’ and that’s how it all began. I was a sardonic young lass who had ‘supposedly’ given up on love and he was a reluctant young man who took a chance. As fate would have it, we fell in love – madly, deeply and in the most 21st Century Fairy Tale like way. Life was dreamy. Sometime later, we got engaged. It was the most romantic of affairs, the dreamiest day of our lives and only the beginning of our story. We pushed each other to be better, to work harder to follow our dreams and - we still do.

Before the Covid19 situation Alaa and I were planning a Fairytale themed wedding and I of course, being the self-proclaimed princess that I am, could not and would not - have just any ordinary jewelry for our special, magical day. I wanted something that brought back all of my childhood memories. The stories that made us laugh and wonder, that gave us hope and made us believe in ‘Happily Ever Afters’. There was a time in my life that I have given up on ‘love’ and the idea of a heroic prince swooping me off my feet and saving me from the misery of an average loveless life. But everything changed for me and I wanted to commemorate that with an elaborate fairytale wedding.

This leads us to the next chapter of ‘Our Story’: The Gold Shops around Amman. I was dismayed to see the same ordinary designs in all of the shop windows, again and again. My idea of the perfect jewelry set was not in any of the shops. So, I decided to make my own. I started by designing a magical set for myself to walk down the aisle in. ‘The Soul of the Woods’ set. It made me ecstatic to have my sketched design turned into reality, then I thought – let’s bring some magic to this world and that my friends, is how ‘Fae’ came to be. From a thought, to an idea, to a plan - and now with the help of God, my Family and our highly skilled team of jewelers – a reality. I enjoyed designing Fae’s very first collection and instinctively named it after my inspiration ‘A Fairy Tale’. Fae Fine Jewelry by Talah Younis, is based off my own fairytale story – and it means so much to me. 'Fae' is just another way of saying fairy, and holds the element of magic! The perfect name for our enchanting designs!

At Fae, we make jewelry that is unique, beautiful and natural just as much as it is ethical and conflict-free with a mission to give back and pay it forward. Therefore 10% of our profits go to various charity organizations within the Kingdom of Jordan. A true princess always knows that it’s not about what you have, but about what you give. When you send love into the world it comes back, and what more could anyone ever ask for? So fast forward, we’re launching a small family-owned business with the hopes of adding a little sparkle and magic to everyones days. Although my prince and I were not able to enjoy a fairytale wedding with all of our friends and family, we’re more than content knowing that they’re safe and sound in our brave Kingdom of Jordan. Marriage is a journey, and we’re always hopeful that there will be much to celebrate going forward. This is just the beginning of 'Our Story'. 

Revel in Love, cherish it and make it eternal.

With Love Always, 

Your Fae Family

*If you’re wondering, yes I’m still studying and yes it is for another medical exam (I graduated a while ago but these exams don’t end)

*For those of you who are curious like me, this is the picture my Heroic Prince sent me in my Instagram DMs:

      Yes I found it ironically funny. :)


Update: We got to celebrate our Fairytale Wedding on August 27th 2020, it was a magical night with only immediate relatives there. We had an outdoor garden gathering under the night sky that was drizzled with fairy lights above-head and dangling from the trees. It was lovely, cozy and more amazing than our initial wedding plan. we made sure everyone there was safe and strictly abided by the Jordanian laws in regards to attendees and social distancing. Now, I'm definitely an advocate for small weddings. Close family, dancing and dinner. What could be better? But of course, the best part of this all was sharing it with the love of my life. Below is one of my most favorite pictures from our special day.

Can't take my eyes off of you...

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